Offering Doula Services to Birthing Families in Sonoma, Marin, Mendocino, and Lake
DoulaBella provides education, information, and
continuous support throughout the birth experience.
Debra Merritt Bruflat CD(DONA), CPD(DONA),ICCE
  • Offering birth doula services
  • Postpartum Doula Care
  • Childbirth Education
  • Providing hospital, home, and birth center birth        
  • Offering DONA Doula Training Workshops and ICEA
    Childbirth Educator Workshops throughout California
    and Nevada.
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    I have had the honor of serving birthing families as a doula in the Santa Rosa area for over 15
    years through birth doula support, postpartum doula support, and through teaching childbirth,
    breastfeeding, and infant care classes. As the mother of 4 and grandmother of soon to be six, I
    believe birth is an amazing experience in a woman's life that she will always remember. Studies
    have shown that when a woman is nurtured through the experience she is more motherly and
    nurturing to her infant after the birth. How you are cared for in the birth makes all the difference
    in how you remember the experience. I am a certified doula and postpartum doula through
    Doulas of North America International, a certified childbirth educator through international
    Childbirth Educators Association, and a Lactation Specialist. I am a Certified Community Health
    Worker as well.  As a doula I like to meet with you several times to get to know you and your
    partner or family. I want you to know your options for childbirth and to help you to create the
    birth you desire. During birth I help you by providing the emotional support only someone that is
    there throughout the experience can provide. Caregivers such as nurses and doctors have to
    be concerned with medical issues and are often in and out of the birth room. As your doula I am
    there just to care for you, encourage you, and offer physical support through position changes
    to optimize your baby's position for birth, massage, and advocating for your wishes for the birth.
    I am not there to take your partner's place but to care for them as well as they experience birth
    and to suggest ways they can help you. I come into the birth at any point you desire support at
    your home or the hospital and stay with you until you are nursing your little one and ready to
    rest. I visit in the home after the birth to discuss your birth experience with you and to help you
    with your postpartum adjustment. I am experienced in hospital, birth center, and home birth. I
    have helped many women achieve a successful vaginal birth after a cesarean birth. I have
    supported many women in water birth.
    I would welcome the opportunity to talk with you to see if  i am the right doula for you and your
    partner. Call or email today if you would like to interview me in person or by phone. The consult
    interview is free. The charge for my birth doula services is $950.00. Some insurance companies
    reimburse for doula services. I have a provider number for you to bill your insurance. Payment
    plans and trades are possible as well.
Testamonials from my clients
From Mom:
I wanted to sincerely thank you for the help
and support in the preparation, labor and
birth of my son Brody. I appreciated the few
times we met prior to the beginning of
labor to discuss the process and you
answered so many of my questions. This
being my first child your support
encouraged me to seek out the ideal labor
that I desired and IT WAS everything I
wanted it to be. My doctor gave me
direction, and being a nurse myself I had
some knowledge, however you provided me
a more thourough explanation of what to
expect and what options I had to
personalize the experience. Your
suggestions regarding labor positions and
pain distraction methods were invaluable.
The pictures that you caught of my husband
and I during labor are so very special. And
the when the pain got the best of me, your
encouragement to keep going empowered
me to to for that med free labor I desired. I
especially enjoyed meeting with you at my
home to discuss the labor and birth. This
was special because you helped me put in
order the events that took place and filled
in some of the gaps for me. You are a
special woman who is deeply devoted to her
craft of helping moms achieve their goals
and helping husbands to better support
their wives in this vunerable time. It is
obvious that you love what you do. Thank
you for also being available after the birth
to continue to offer breastfeeding support.
We are grateful that you were there to help
From Dad:
When my wife and I started to talk about
out birth plan we decided that a "natural
birth" would be preferrable. I felt pretty
strongly that this would be a great way to
have our little boy. The problem was I
wasn't the one pushing the little guy out! So
when we tried to figure out a good way to
go about having our baby naturally a friend
suggested that we look into retaining a
doula. I was unfamiliar with the term doula.
In fact I had no clue what they even had to
do with the whole birthing process. I just
knew that my wife and I wanted to attempt
a natural birth and if it took a doula for her
to give it a try, I figured what the heck.
Before our first meeting I was sceptical. My
wife and I are both health professionals,
and I figured " We're educated, why would
we need any help?" Once Debbie explained
exactly who she is, and what she can
provide for the family I felt a little bit
better. It wasn't until we started having
questions that the books didn't address and
the classes barely explained that I started
realizing the value of having a doula. Her
profession is birthing, and her years of
experience and education are at your
family's disposal, which was very comforting
for my wife and I.
I found that Debbie served a very broad
role throughout our son's birth. Debbie was
an educator, planner, family advocate,
emotional support, and all around assistant
to name a few of the services provided.
Throughout the last portion of her
pregnancy my wife called her several times
with questions or concerns. Debbie was
extremely helpful putting my wife's mind at
ease and assuring her that everything was
During labor Debbie was awesome. I read
the books and went to the classes and I
knew I wanted to be involved and hands on
with my wife's labor. To tell you the truth I
felt a little uncomfortable about having
someone try to take control from me... it
never happened. Debbie was always helpful
and never once " got in the way" or " took
control". She read the situation and
provided support, advice,a nd assistance
seamlessly throughout the labor and birth.
She was invaluable.
We got the natural birth we wanted-in no
small part from the services provided by
Debbie. Our little guy was born healthy and
very alert. He breastfed quickly and with
some tips provided by Debbie we've been
doing well since.I can't say enough about
how much she has helped us. If the idea of
using a doula gets thrown out there, give it
serious consideration. Take it from a couple
of skeptics, my wife and I are very pleased
with our doula experience. Do your
homework, interview a few doulas to find
one that fits your personailties and needs.
Make sure you ask around and take
everything-personality, experience,
education, reputation, and price before
making your choice
Joe, Jenner, and son Brody, born
June 29, 2009
Jason, Teresa, and son Justin,
born June 5, 2009
When thinking about the birth of our child
we knew we wanted a natural labor and
delivery. When we started to explore the
idea of using a doula, we quickly realized the
potential benefits. The minute we met
Debbie we felt comfortable with her and
confident in her abilities. When it came time
to have the baby, we could not have
achieved our goal of having a natural birth
without Debbie by our sides. Mom was able
to be engaged throughout the process. She
was able to have a natural birth thanks to
Debbie's insights and suggestions with
regards to postions, breathing techniques,
and interventions. All of these things were
crucial in helping us bring a healthy baby into
the world in a way we can be proud of.
Debbie also gave Dad an opportunity to be a
key part of the team, creating a special
place for him to support mom in every way
possible. Debbie was with us throughout the
entire process and treated us not only from a
physical standpoint but also an emotional
one. Our son is happy and healthy- the
ultimate goal. We would recommend Debbie
to anyone without hesitation- she is truely a
master at what she does. She is truely
Call today for a free appointment to talk
about your plans for birth and to see if I
am the doula for you!
(707) 291-4086
Doula Services
Dear Debbie, I wanted to thank you for
everything surrounding the birth of Dean.
Too much to list and words can't do justice
to the guidance and support you gave!
Thanks also for the pictures, they are
amazing_ I can't believe I did all that! It
wouldn't have been the same without you,
thank you for making it the incredible day it
Born February 21, 2010